Are you suspicious that your partner is having an affair?
17/08/2016  |  Helen Springer

All affairs indicate that there is something lacking in the relationship.

It is seldom that there is just one perfect ‘Mr. or Ms Right’ for each person. There are many people with whom one can have a successful relationship. But to make a good relationship the couple must commit to each other.

There are different types of affairs, some of which will be fatal to the relationship, but in most cases, as long as you work through the hurt and anger and seek counselling to help you understand where it went wrong, you can start anew with each other based on who you are now and achieve a more meaningful and successful relationship.

Why not pat closer attention to your relationship and avoid the pain, distress and possible financial wreckage that a separation or divorce can cause.

If you feel that your relationship might be affected by an affair and you could do with some help and support, do get in touch.

Helen Springer is a Registered Relate counsellor with 30 years experience.