CPD Workshops

3 hour workshops:

Specially arranged for up to 5 people for in-depth work on couple counselling topics presented by Helen Springer. You can also be included on the mailing list for these workshops.

All workshops start at 10 am and finish at 1 pm and take place at 12 Docklands Pirton, Hitchin Herts, SG5 3QF.

Fee: £55 – to book contact me.

Couple Counselling in Practice

Date: 10th May 2020

This workshop is focused on the practical side of Couple Counselling. It is aimed at counsellors and Psychotherapists who usually work with individuals but would like to develop the confidence to work with couples.


The workshop will be based on a case study.

Participants will take the roles of the couple or the counsellor.

  1. Review of good couple counselling practice and use of Genograms and sculpting with stones. Role play 1st session
  2. The history of the couple will be taken using the Genogram. Role play history taking session
  3. Feelings and problems uncovered by sculpting using stones. Role play discovering feelings session using stones

There will be free-flowing discussion throughout.

A Certificate of attendance for three hours will be issued.

6 hour workshops held on Saturdays:

Join my mailing list and I will send you notice of the workshops held in Autumn and winter. Presented by visiting tutors and Helen Springer

Fee: £80 including lunch


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