What can you expect from couple counselling?

When you seek counselling you are probably experiencing difficulties which can seem to be overwhelming. The negative feelings tend to come pouring out in the first session. The counsellor will also help you to consider what is positive about your relationship on which you can build as you deal with your negative feelings.

By the time that people decide to go for counselling, there are often many issues causing distress and it can feel very overwhelming. The counsellor will listen carefully to issues that are currently around for you, help reduce the stress by acknowledging all of them, and then focus on one at a time to help […]

The counsellor or psychotherapist will help you to understand why and what is causing you to behave the way you are and help you to make the necessary changes to achieve the behaviour that you aspire to. Working with both partners to gain insights into what each person wants and needs. Thus step by step […]

Most people cope reasonably well with day to day living but some people are anxious about going on holiday alone with their partner. It can seem like there is little to talk about and worse if there aren’t many shared interests that can be enjoyed together. On holiday people are thrown together for weeks without any of the […]

Many people say that they miss the happy earlier days of their relationship when they held hands and enjoyed and shared activities and talked all the time about everything. Now they argue about every little thing. Each one thinks that they are right and how can their partner not see that. All is not lost. At first you […]

All affairs indicate that there is something lacking in the relationship. It is seldom that there is just one perfect ‘Mr. or Ms Right’ for each person. There are many people with whom one can have a successful relationship. But to make a good relationship the couple must commit to each other. There are different […]

Everyone wants to be happy in a close, intimate relationship but so few people seem to be. At the beginning of your relationship you spent nearly all your time together, you talked and laughed and couldn’t bear to be apart. Then life got in the way, “the daily round the common” takes priority. Often when children are added […]