Are you anxious about your next holiday together?
25/03/2017  |  Helen Springer

Most people cope reasonably well with day to day living but some people are anxious about going on holiday alone with their partner. It can seem like there is little to talk about and worse if there aren’t many shared interests that can be enjoyed together. On holiday people are thrown together for weeks without any of the activities which they enjoyed at home.

This is a real test of how strong your relationship is. Are you squabbling more than usual or worse are you barely able to speak civilly to each other? This maybe a good time, while you are not distracted by “the daily round the common task”, to take some time to talk and listen to each other about your life and how you feel. The listening is probably more important than the talking as it only by being able to imagine yourself in the shoes of the other that you will be able to understand what he/she needs to feel better.

However you got to this point, it is not too late if you wish to change your relationship and make it better for both of you. Before you go plan what you would both like to do and be honest about what you do not want to do.

Best of all talk and listen.